The Maps API provides access to Map objects. Our Maps API uses the GeoJSON format, version 1. See

Action Method URI
Get Maps GET /map
Get Map GET /map/member/{id}

Get Maps

The /map uri provides a list of maps for a conference. These query parameters are available for listing User objects (these do not apply to the contacts resources).

Parameter Details Default
user_page Page number of records 1
limit Number of records to return 25
terms Optional, search terms

JSON Response Example



[   {
        "id": 2799,
        "display_value": "FameCon Exhibition Hall",
        "article": null,
        "item": {
            "id": 1126801,
            "display_value": "FameCon Exhibition Hall",
            "created_on": "2011-06-24T20:20:21Z",
            "updated_on": "2011-11-16T18:42:37Z",
            "tags": [ ],
            "icon": {
                "id": 3,
                "content_type": "image/png",
                "versions": {
                    "small-32": "icon_3_32.png",
                    "small_hover-32": "icon_3_32_hover.png",
                    "medium-64": "icon_3_64.png",
                    "large-100": "icon_3_100.png",
                    "extra_large-150": "icon_3_150.png",
                    "logo-200": "icon_3_200.png",
                    "photo-640": "icon_3_640.png"
                "type": "icon"
            "rating": null,
            "article": null,
            "phones": [ ],
            "type": "item"
        "data_sources": [
                "id": 6312,
                "name": "MapBuzz Features",
                "type": "MapBuzzMapDataSource",
                "z_index": 30,
                "visible": true,
                "format": "application/atom+xml;type=mapbuzz",
                "path": "/map_feature/{id}",
                "vector_surface": "Vector",
                "limit": "1000",
                "map_id": 2799
                "id": 6314,
                "name": "Tile Data Source",
                "type": "TileMapDataSource",
                "z_index": 0,
                "visible": true,
                "tile_size": "256",
                "path": "{z}/tile_{x}_{y}.png"
                "id": 6315,
                "name": "Exhibitor Data Source",
                "type": "ExhibitorMapDataSource",
                "z_index": 10,
                "visible": true,
                "path": "/exhibitor/booths?map_data_source_id={id}",
                "limit": "1000",
                "map_id": 2799
        "world": {
            "name": "FameCon Exhibition Hall",
            "bounds": {
                "xmin": 0,
                "ymin": 0,
                "xmax": 100,
                "ymax": 100,
                "srid": -1
            "unit_size": 100,
            "false_easting": 0,
            "false_northing": 0,
            "min_zoom": 1,
            "max_zoom": 2,
            "type": "world"
        "type": "map"


Get Map

To be completed.

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